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  1. Pre-Reading Vocabulary Practice
  2. Read the Poem
  3. Clarify Meanings of Made Up Words
  4. Word Meanings through Context Clues
  5. Comprehension Check
  6. Just For Fun

Pre-Reading Vocabulary Practice:
Use a Dictionary to define the following words in your journals:

  1. Snoots
  2. Snort
  3. Moping
  4. Zipped Up
  5. Chappie
  6. Smarties


Read the Poem:
Click the link below to read the poem.

The Sneetches 

Clarify Meanings of Made Up Words:
Dr. Seuss often made up words to create the silly rhymes of his poetry. Use context clues to determine the definitions of these crazy words. Write your answers in your journals

  1. Star-Belly Sneetches
  2. Plain-Belly Sneetches
  3. Thars
  4. Berked
  5. Eaches
  6. Star-Off Machine


Word Meanings through Context Clues:
Fill in the blanks with one of the words from the Word Bank. Copy sentences with the correct word into your journals.

Word Bank:
a) Peculiar         b) Clambered
c) Wondrous    d) Contraption

  1. McBean showed the Sneetches a machine that could put on stars. It was just the right _____.
  2. This machine made strange noises and looked quite odd. It was certainly ________.
  3. McBean told the Sneetches to climb on in. So they _______ into the machine.
  4. The Sneetches thought that machine was fantastic. It was a _________ machine.


Comprehension Check:
Write your answers in your journals.

  1. Which Sneetches think they are the best?
  2. At the end of the poem, which Sneetches decide they are the best?
  3. Why does McBean tell the Star-Belly Sneetches that stars are no longer in style?
  4. Is McBean correct when he says, “You can’t teach a Sneetch”?
  5. What do you think is the moral of the story?

Bottom Sneetches

Just For Fun:
When finished with the Comprehension Check, feel free to check out one of the following videos!

Read Aloud:

Animated Stories:


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