•Read The Lorax
The Lorax Pictures 015
•You are trying to save the Truffula trees, or in our case the trees in our world.
•Create a powerpoint presentation of your ideas
•This presentation should include information about what deforestation is, at least 5 facts about deforestation, and a summary of a project that you could start to help deforestation. This should be something you could do right now.
•The first page you should visit is the National Geographic Website
•This website will give you an overview of deforestation in the world
•The next page for you to visit is conservation for kids
•Read through the shocking facts on this page, and then answer the ten question quiz separately and discuss your answers.
•Now that you know what is happening in our world, how can you help to stop it?
•If you are having trouble thinking of an idea go to this webpage
•If you have to, use one of these ideas and explain how your group could incorporate it in to your lives through your powerpoint.
•It is best to come up with an original idea. Use this only as a last resort.
truffula trees

Common core standard: 7th Grade-Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text.


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